Cultural Transformation & Literature
Values & Goals
Promoting a Culture of Reading

The mission of the Boston Book Festival is to celebrate the power of words, to promote a culture of literature and ideas, and to enhance the vibrancy of the city of Boston. The annual festival involves many local organizations, incorporates several events across the city, and includes a popular street fair where exhibitors range from independent publishers and literary magazines to performance companies, arts organizations, media outlets, food vendors, and even a kids area.

The Wagner Foundation supports organizations and events which expand access to and participation with culture. A strong culture of literacy, in particular, is fundamental to the health and vitality of a community. The Wagner Foundation is a proud supporter of the Boston Book Festival, as a local tradition and inspiration to other cities.

The Boston Book Festival celebrates the power of words to stimulate, agitate, unite, delight, and inspire by holding year-round events culminating in an annual, free Festival that promotes a culture of reading and ideas and enhances the vibrancy of Boston.