Tara Lloyd: Why a Global Health Organization Let Most of its U.S. Employees Go

“Until 2020, PIVOT, an NGO in Africa, had an operations model that looked much like many organizations of its type: a 200-person team on the ground in Madagascar and a 10-person administrative team in the US. But early in 2020, the organization decided to let the majority of US employees go and shift operations to […]

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Tara Loyd: Moving Closer to the Problem and Closer to the Solution

When I laid off five of my seven team members in February, I had no idea a global pandemic was about to hit. It was a tough enough decision even without that in the background: There is no pleasure in laying off good people, just as there is no pleasure in recognizing that the way […]

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Geography and Universal Health Care

What does geography have to do with health? A Malagasy-lead study by PIVOT Madagascar researcher Dr. Felana Ihantamalala details how understanding geography can “optimize local interventions” and help achieve universal health care in rural areas. “One of the most challenging barriers to achieving UHC in Madagascar is geography, where 60% of the population lives more […]

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Health Equity